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Nicely made game for this platform! I appreciate the relatable setting and some things like how the boss is really big and such. It's not too easy game, you have to figure things out. It'd be cool to see this game to take part in our contest, the Game Development World Championship!



How do I beat the boss!!!?!?

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thank you for playing my game.

and It's on working so 

I would appreciate it if you play  again later.

[Walkthrough ]

1. talk to your co-worker and check what they want.

2. find your computer and do your tasks.

3. return and tell them.

4. report to chief.

[Incoming features]

1. Multi ending according to 

    a. stress 

    b. teamwork

2. Additional  rooms

    a. cafeteria

    b. restroom

3. Npc dialogs and reactions