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The Lone Survivor is puzzle adventure game.

You are being as a little girl who struggling to survive.

A girl travels with a small dog who has met fatefully in a mysterious forest and continues the struggle for survival.


You have to reach the goal panel together within the limited move.



- can swim on water. 

- can't move any box.


- can't swim.

- possible to push a single box.


- can push linked box.

- too heavy to passing box on water.


'Arrow Keys' to move.

'SPACE'  to change control character(after play with the dog)


1. There may be many bugs. I apologize in advance.

(아직 많은 버그가 있습니다. 미리 사과드립니다)

2. It doesn't have sound.

( 사운드는 없습니다)

3. Game resources are temporary. This could be changed later.

(게임 리소스는 임시입니다. 추후 교체될 수 있습니다)

4. 'save ' not supported yet.

(세이브는 아직 지원하지 않습니다)

5. Idea of this game  is from my puzzle script game. 

If you enjoyed this game

Please also check out original game.

(이 게임의 아이디어는 저의 동명의 퍼즐스크립트 게임에서 나왔습니다)



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Can you add mac version plz? :D So looking forward to play it! 

Thank you for your interest in my game.

I 'll try to update the MAC version later this weekend after some update.

And let you know when it's updated

Thank you.

I uploaded the mac version.

However, there is an unknown resolution bug that makes it difficult to play properly.

Fix may take a few days.

I will notify you again when it's fixed.

I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.

good puzzle & lovely concept!

i can't wait to play the finished version- 

Thank you liked my game.

I will try to finish the game until the end.

Thank you.

I like your idea. I have enjoyed it.

Please finish the game to the end.

Thank you for a good look at my ideas.

I hope you'll get interested in additional updates.

Thank you.

What a cute little girl! :) 

I like the way you combine puzzle and story.

Good luck!

Thank you for playing my game.

LoneSurvivor will be updated regularly.

I look forward to your continued interest in the future.

Thank you.